Practice Areas



Going through a divorce can take you through a meriad of emotions.  Sometimes these emotions can get in the way of progress.  This is where you have to trust me to be an advocate for you to get the best result. We can go over the best avenue for you and your future.

High Asset Divorce


The State of California is a community property State.  All property and debt acquired or earned from the date of marriage until the divorce is community property.  However, every case is unique. Unique in that you must consider that there may be separate property. This is especially true in high net worth divorces involving business and investment interests, the dissolution of family partnerships, tracing and confirming separate inheritances and other complex property divisions. The goal is to work with you and your spouse’s attorney to gain a satisfactory resolution regarding disputed issues.

Child Custody and Visitation


When you are going through a child custody dispute, as a parent you have many questions such as what are your rights, your responsibilities and what is in your children's best interests.  As a Certified Family Law Specialist I will discuss your unique circumstances and move forward appropriately.

Child Support


Whether you are divorcing, separating, or simply not together anymore, child support is very important to maintain the well being of your child. I will help you understand California’s child support guidelines.

Premarital Agreements


Before you sign the agreement, there are certain conditions that must be followed such as  full disclosure of all assets, provisions of the agreement cannot be unconscionable or grossly unfair to one party, no evidence of undue duress or coercion in forcing either party to agree to it, all parties are fully aware of and understand the provisions, at least 7 days must pass between the time the agreement is offered for review and for signature, and both parties should have their own legal counsel review the agreement and they should sign it with the provision that counsel has approved it or that the party has been fully briefed, clearly understands the implications and accepts them without any degree of coercion or undue influence exerted by anyone.



There are many different reasons why someone is able to modify a Judgment. Modification is done when one of the parents looses their job, gets an increase in salary or one partner finds that there was hidden assets that were not disclosed at the time of the divorce.  If you are not sure if you have a situation that can allow your Judgment to be modified, you can call me and we can go over your issue.