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Divorce Attorney in Pasadena


by Blakeley F

 My boyfriend and I were having a tough time finding a lawyer who would be able to expedite the start of our case. After an initial consultation over the phone with Brian Baker all necessary paperwork was in the process to get majority custody of my boyfriend's daughter. By far, Brian is one of the best family-law attorneys that we have encountered. He is very detailed and willing to help. He was able to close the case in less than a year with more than satisfactory results. My boyfriend's daughter was going through a lot of emotional and physical abuse. We are so very thankful with all the support Brian and his team provided us in order for my boyfriend's daughter to be in a better home with us. 

by Liz

 Brian handled a child support case for me and I was extremely impressed with his efficiency and thoroughness handling my case. I debated on whether or not to hire an attorney and called Brian as I was referred to him through a friend. He came across as highly competent in his field, intelligent, confident, and as someone that could get the desired outcome I was looking for. When the time came for Brian to handle my case I was not disappointed. The very next day after I met with him, his office filed the necessary paperwork to move my case along. I always felt Brian was looking out for my best interest and handling my case as such. He constantly kept me apprised as to what was going on. Whereas the other party’s attorney was slow to respond Brian was the opposite. He quickly responded to emails and there were never any delays on his end. I was able to resolve matters for my case quickly thanks to Brian. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a family law attorney. You will be glad you have Brian on your side. 

by George K

 Brian represented me in my divorce. He methodically built a defense case and confidently presented it.
Although I was being sued for a considerable sum, Brian was able to factually demonstrate that nothing was owed by me and that the other party was in fact liable. Throughout the process Brian was professional, while also providing assurance, understanding and sympathy during a stressful time. 

by Rob R

 I was extremely impressed with the knowledge Brian Baker, Esq. (of Kearney – Baker and Assoc., in Pasadena, CA ) has in his field of expertise. I had an extremely complicated case, which required a high caliber attorney; to deal with accounting, child custody, asset protection, and more. I researched several lawyers before making my final choice... Hands down, Brian knows what he is doing, and provided excellent results.